Is It Possible to Have an Allergic Reaction to CBD Oil?

CBD foods are incredibly popular even though the FDA doesn’t class cannabidiol as a recommended ingredient. Cannabidiol does create a huge topic of debate and it’s understandable – for both sides of the argument. It’s new and still so confusing; it doesn’t help how there’s a lack of long-term research on humans. On so many levels, CBD is frustrating because it has real potential; unfortunately, human research is still limited. So, what about allergic reactions? Is it possible to have a reaction to CBD oil?

Pollen May Be Present

One of the lesser-known elements of CBD is that it may contain some traces of pollen. Now, CBD plants fall under two categories, male and female. Female plants don’t actually produce any pollen, whereas male plants do. In most instances, it’s the female plants that are used to create CBD oil; however, that does not guarantee traces of pollen won’t be present in the product. It can depend on a range of factors, and that is only for female plants. If a male plant were used – wrongly – in the production of cannabidiol, that would spark an allergic reaction to the pollen. Read more!

Side Effects Can Also Be A Factor

Another important thing to consider with cannabidiol is how much side effects can impact you. Now, this somewhat relates to allergic reactions. Side effects range significantly and while most people will say CBD foods and products are entirely safe, that’s not entirely true either. Remember, if there is pollen within the oil, it could cause someone to have a severe reaction even in small doses. However, there are also possible side effects that could cause problems. Some may experience vomiting, nausea, dizziness, and even drowsiness. They side effects, depending on the situation you’re in, could result in a serious accident.

Consult Your Physician

Whether you have allergies to pollen or none, it’s important to speak with your regulation physician before using CBD oil. Again, while most people would say there’s no need to speak to a doctor, this is for your own personal safety. You may have no reaction to CBD, but you can’t be sure. Some might have a severe allergic reaction. Speaking with your regular doctor might enable you to take some extra precautions and avoid a nasty reaction. What’s more, it can often be a sensible way to get some reassurance, especially when using cannabidiol for the first time. Remember, it isn’t suitable for everyone. Airing on the side of caution might be the smart option.

Stay Safe Using CBD

It’s easy to jump on the band wagon and rush to use CBD oil. It’s the latest craze and it’s trendy so most people want to try it just so they can brag to their friends. However, CBD has its rewards as much as it has risks and those can’t be taken for granted. It’s so important to understand that it’s possible to have an allergic reaction to CBD oil. This is especially true if you’re allergic to pollen. You really must be careful because it’s a major safety barrier to overcome. CBD oil has its rewards, but you could have an allergic reaction to it. For more details, visit: